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Unapproved GMO Checker ver. 2.01

Unapproved GMO Checker ver. 2.01 is a Microsoft Excel(R) application for Windows XP and Vista.
It can be used to assume the unapproved GMO contamination based on the assay results of real-time PCR array.
When this program is used, the writer doesn't do any guarantee. Please use it in the responsibility of the user.
The organization which the wrighter belongs to has the copyright of this program.
The user must obtain acknowledgment when this program is reprinted or distributed again.

The file format of the application is ".xlsm" specific to Excel 2007.
If the user opens the file with the erlier version of Microsoft Excel (R) than Excel 2007, a file converter available from Microsoft website may be needed.

Download Unapproved GMO Checker ver. 2.01

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