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[][][] Research on Integration & Application of Agricultural Information and Systems (2011.4 - now) [][][]
Integration of Agricultural Information
Specifications of Data Exchange for Agriculture
 eg. GPXX, FIX
Planning & Management Support for Agriculture
Developement and Support of PMS
 Correcting Data for Next Generation Farmers
Utilization of Field Server (FS)
Development of Mobile (Aerial) FS (FS on UAV)
Integration of Agric. Info. Decision Support for Farming Mobile Systems for Agric. Info.


[][][] Research on Decision Support System (2006.4 - 2011.3 ) [][][]
Web-integrated food production supporting system Farm work planner-manager system Managing software for precision farming
Web-based integration Planning & management PF software


[][][] Research on Agricultural Information Systems (2003.4 -2006.3) [][][]
Web-based integration
Optimized planning
PF software
Area measurement RFID field management DSS Research


[][][] Research on Agricultural Machinery (1994.4 - 2003.3) [][][]

Spinach Harvester Levee Slope Mower Information system with distributed object Image Processing System
Spinach Harvester Mower in Slopes Information Project Image Recognition System
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About this Home Page

This home page introduces Overviews of Studies by Tomokazu YOSHIDA, Ph.D. at AgroInformatics Division, NARC* ( from 2011.4 to 2016.3 )New, at Decision Support System Research Subteam ( DSS, from 2006.4 to 2011.3 ), Laboratory of Agricultural Information Systems (LAIS), Dept. of Integrated Research for Agriculture (from 2003.4 to 2006.3 ) and at Laboratory of Agricultural Machinery, Dept. of Crop Breeding ( from 1994.4 to 2003.3 ), WeNARC*


National Agricultural Research Center.
As a part of administrative restructure of Japanese government, Chugoku National Agricultural Experiment Station (CNAES) was united into an incorporated administrative agency : National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) , where CNAES was combined with SNAES and established as one of internal research center : National Agricultural Research Center for Western Region (WeNARC) on 1st- April-2001.

On 1st-Oct-2003, NARO was combined with BRAIN-IAM and reunited to National Agricultural and Bio-oriented Research Organization (NARO).

On 1st-Apr-2006, NARO was re-organized as National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) at the beginning of 2nd term of research activities.

Introduction of active studies

For Collection, Integration and Utilization Research... ( From April-2011 to now )New

  • Integration and Visualization of Agricultural Information [ in progress ( 2011 - now ) ]
    ( Development of integrating and visualizing system for agricultural data produced in farming [ 2010 - 2014 ] )

ecision Support System Research... ( From April-2006 to March-2011 )

For Agricultural Information Research... ( From April-2003 to March-2006 )

For Agricultural Machinery Research... ( From April-1994 to March-2003 )


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Welcome to Dr.Jones' ( T.YOSHIDA's ) home page! ......