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Do you know earwigs [Japanese name = Hasami-Mushi]? Earwig have distinctive body shape, that is, they have forceps on the end of the abdomen. Besides, they have peculiar habit, i.e. parental care for eggs and nymphs by the mother. Parental care in earwigs is known in all the species of which the reproductive habit is studied. Therefore, they are subsocial. However, no eusocial species is known.

Many earwigs exhibit seclusive behabior. Therefore many people dislike earwigs. However, no earwigs are harmful to human being or animals. Only restricted speces of earwigs are reported to injure crops or ornamental plants.

This web site includes some information on the earwigs inhabiting Japan. 22 species of earwigs have been recorded in Japan to date. There are some unrecoreded and/or undescribed species besides these 22 species. Please click the speces name in the list to display further information of the species. Species with the mark [PHOTO] contain photograph(s) of the species. The size of the photographs are usually 320 * 240 pixels.

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