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Forficula mikado Burr, 1904

Photo by K. Kohno at Tamayama vil., Iwate pef., Japan


Family Forficulidae, Subfamily Forficulinae[クギヌキハサミムシ科:クギヌキハサミムシ亜科]
Morphological Variation: Male forceps are polymorphic.
Original description Forficula mikado Burr, 1904 Transactions of the Entomological Society 1904(June): 319.


Japan: Hokkaido, Middle and Northern Honshu[日本:北海道、本州(中部以北)]


A lot of individuals of this species are found in valleys in mountains, however, this species is sometimes found in plain land in northern areas.[山地の谷に多いが、より北方の地域では平地でも見られる。]

Seasonal Life History[季節的生活史]

This species is supposed to have one generation per year. Newly emerged adults appear in late summer.[年1世代だと思われ、夏の盛り以降に新成虫が出現する。]

Comments by Kohno[河野によるコメント]

This species can be collected by beating herbs and/or shurubs in mountainous areas.[夏から秋にかけて、山地の谷に生える低木や草をビーティングすることによって得られる。]


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