FieldReconst - 3D reconstruction software

FieldReconst generates three-dimensional dense point clouds of objects from multiple images using the Structure from Motion (SfM) technique. Images should be taken from a camera facing downward on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

System Requirements

Download and Installation

Please download from the link below and unzip anywhere on your system.

Basic Usage

The zip file contains FieldReconst.exe. You can launch the software just by dragging-and-dropping a folder containing images onto FieldReconst.exe icon. After a console window appears, wait until the processing is complete. An XXX_Georef folder will be created in the same folder and it will contain the generated 3D point cloud data and orthoimages.

The point cloud data is a standard LAS format data that can be viewed with CloudCompare.
The GeoTiff format orthoimage can be handled using GIS software.
Please use the test images below to check if the software works in your environment.

Test Images

Camera Parameters and GCP

Each set of test images includes a camera parameter file (.yaml). This file provides the software with information such as focal length, camera matrix, and distortion coefficients. These parameters are acquired using the camera calibration method in OpenCV. Although the software works without this file, it may take a little longer to complete and the 3D reconstruction may be less accurate.

The “Test images 2” contains the Ground control point (GCP) file (.gcp). This file provides the tie points to transform the point cloud to the world coordinate system metric. The positions of markers (GCPs) in images are automatically detected by the software.

Software Overview

The distribution zip file contains six executable files - sifter.exe generates the key points; matcher.exe finds the matching points between two images; badjuster.exe performs bundle adjustment to obtain camera poses; sgbmer.exe outputs dense point cloud; and georefimager.exe produces a geo-referenced point cloud and orthoimages. These five processes are launched from FieldReconst.exe.


FieldReconst is a free software, which anyone can use and redistribute.
Please check the Readme.txt for more details.

Contact: Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO